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Award-Winning Dental Implants Dentist

Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS

A Bit More About Dr. Joe…

Dr. Joe Kravitz DDS MS ProsthodontistDr. Joe Kravitz is a prosthodontist who has the unique ability to surgically place and prosthetically restore dental implants. What that means to you is that you do not need to go to several dentists to fix your problem. Dr. Joe can provide you with a custom-made tooth that looks like it is a part of you!

As an observer of nature and results, Dr. Joe has developed and written about his simple implant techniques in the scientific literature. He has authored “3 Minute Implant” which describes the process for you, as well as a book about preventing dental disease called “Dirty Mouth.” Dr. Joe Kravitz has been praised for his revolutionary procedures by media outlets such ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, Primetime Live, Washington Post, Miami Herald, USA Today, & Washingtonian.

Dr Joe Kravitz in the Media

Dr. Joe teaches dental students and dentists at the University of Maryland Dental School, NYU College of Dentistry, and the National Naval Medical Center. His credentials include a Doctorate of Dental Surgery and a Specialty Certificate in Prosthodontics from the University of Maryland Dental School, a Master of Science in Oral Biology from the University of Maryland Graduate School, and a Fellowship in Implant Dentistry from NYU College of Dentistry. Other dentists travel to learn the innovative dental implant techniques from Dr. Kravitz every year and he enjoys the process of watching his students learn and improve their skills.

Above all, the health, comfort and happiness of his patients drives him to be the one of very best research scientists and practitioners of fine dentistry in the nation.

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