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Patient Success Story: Born Without Front Teeth

Born without front teeth. Greg was referred by his orthodontist, to fill in the gaps on two of Greg’s front teeth. Greg’s mom, Claire, came to the...

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Pain Free Dental Anesthesia

Nobody likes pain. Using sharp dental needles to make you numb can be painful…especially in the roof of your mouth. The roof of the mouth or “...

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Patient Success Story: Time to Take Care of Me!

I recently helped a patient who is a working mom with a teenage son. Her name is Dinah. Dinah had over 28 cavities. Dinah was suffering with painful t...

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are the substitute for the root of a natural tooth. Your bone can grow into the dental implant surface so that there is a biologic con...

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Does Dental Insurance Cover My Dental Implants?

It depends. Dental insurance is a contract between your company and a dental insurance company. The higher the monthly fee paid by you, the more likel...

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Can my dental implants get cavities?

I had a patient ask me today, “Can dental implants get cavities?” The short answer is, no… Dental implants are made either from titanium or ...

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Kendra and the 47 Year Old Denture

Last week, I received an email from a patient I treated back in 1995 while in my Advanced Specialty Training Program in Prosthodontics. I’ll call hi...

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