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Crowns, Bridges, Dental Implants and Receding Gums

Also known as gum recession, shrinking or receding gums refers to the vertical loss of gum tissue around teeth. There are several causes of gum recess...

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Nutrition for Your Mouth and Dental Implants

Here we provide nutrition guidelines, as we have discovered them to be beneficial to most people. However, note that we recommend that you consult wit...

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Recommended Home Care for Your Dentures

The following list of tips and insights will help you take better care of your dentures… 7 Minute Window Eating and drinking is necessary to pro...

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Top Five Ways to Improve Your Smile

When I am in the office, or in the community coaching youth sports, I am frequently asked by friends how they can improve their smiles. Here are the t...

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Can Being Overweight Affect Your Mouth?

The answer is yes! We all may experience weight fluctuations throughout our lifetime. Weight goes up. Weight goes down. As one gains weight, the gums ...

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Health History is Important: Viewing It From the Dental Implant Expert Perspective

A dentist that places dental implants to support missing or broken teeth is called a dental implant expert. The dental implant expert may include a pr...

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What is a Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dental expert who specializes in the restoration and replacement of teeth. The root word- prostho means false, artificial or rep...

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Skipping Dental Appointments Decreases Dental Implant Success Rates

Life has many pressures — work, home, family, school, relationships, traffic, bills etc. The kids are graduating. There are sporting events and ...

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How to Deal with Anxiety at the Dentist’s Office

What is anxiety? Also known as worry, is a process by which the mind creates an unhealthy emotional response such as fear, uneasiness or dread. The mi...

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I Have Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

What is dry mouth? Dry mouth is a condition whereby the salivary glands either reduce or stop the production of saliva (hyposalivation). Saliva is mad...

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