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What Can I Do to Prevent Food from Getting Stuck around my Dental Implants?

You can keep food from getting stuck around your dental implants by using an oral irrigator. Here are some useful tips and info you’ll need. Wha...

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Why Your Dental Health History is So Important

You can help us understand the PRESENT by providing your PAST dental history… Early detection and treatment has been shown to require minimal adjust...

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Why do my teeth hurt in the cold weather?

Teeth are usually bathed in temperatures of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. For about 8 minutes per day, teeth touch in temperatures warmer or colder than bo...

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Science of Mouth Pain

According to the World Health Organization, dental disease affects five out of six people. Many people suffer from: Cavities, Periodontal disease, Cra...

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Digital Photographs for Smile Success

Investing time to take digital photos takes extra time during dental appointments.  But the data is valuable to promote progress and renew your smile...

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Should I Use a Fixed Bridge or a Dental Implant to Replace One Missing Tooth?

When you are missing a tooth, it is not a happy time for your mouth… An ugly gap appears. You start to make whistling sounds. Your teeth may shi...

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