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Why Does Crohn’s Disease Affect My Mouth and Dental Implants?

We previously discussed how Crohn’s Disease and colitis affects more than 1 millions Americans annually. One of the most frequent questions I he...

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Treat Yourself for the Holidays with a Beautiful Smile

It’s that wonderful time of year where people are more festive, happy and giving to others.  Why not give to yourself too? Currently, you may h...

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Shockingly Painful Lower Dentures

“Why does my lower denture hurt when I bite down?”  inquired a patient named Emily. Emily had a new lower denture that caused pain every time...

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“I Was Told That I Could NOT Have Dental Implants”

I went to a dental research meeting 14 years ago. At the meeting, I sat next to a research administrator, Karen. She related that her friend Brenda wa...

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Patient Success Story: Swollen Gums Around My Crowns

Years ago, a patient by the name of Cate came into my office concerned with the color of her gums around her crowns. Cate’s gums were swollen, purpl...

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Patient Success Story: Born Without Front Teeth

Born without front teeth. Greg was referred by his orthodontist, to fill in the gaps on two of Greg’s front teeth. Greg’s mom, Claire, came to the...

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Patient Success Story: Time to Take Care of Me!

I recently helped a patient who is a working mom with a teenage son. Her name is Dinah. Dinah had over 28 cavities. Dinah was suffering with painful t...

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Kendra and the 47 Year Old Denture

Last week, I received an email from a patient I treated back in 1995 while in my Advanced Specialty Training Program in Prosthodontics. I’ll call hi...

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