The answer is yes!

We all may experience weight fluctuations throughout our lifetime. Weight goes up. Weight goes down. As one gains weight, the gums and bone in the mouth changes too. This can cause teeth to move. The bite can change. Teeth can prematurely fracture. Teeth are held firmly in bone.

As the bone cells change (which also contains fat cells), the teeth can move to a new position. Spaces may begin to form between your teeth due to tooth movement. Food may begin getting stuck between your teeth. This may lead to periodontal disease and cavities. The pH in the mouth can then drop to a level below 5.5 and acidity can cause more mouth destruction. This damage can be permanent.

If the open spaces between your teeth are not treated, you may begin to need root canals, gum surgery, crowns or even extraction! So, if you notice these changes visit with your dentist soon to have the problems addressed.

If you are wearing removable dentures, a weight gain can lead to swollen gums and a feeling of excessive pressure thereby causing denture sores. These denture sores can be treated easily with your dentist by making room for the swollen gums in the denture. Sudden weight loss can lead to loose dentures and they can fall out of your mouth.

You can try denture adhesive or dental implants to make loose denture get tighter or more fixed. Here’s a quick intro video on the 3 Minute Implant™ procedure.

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Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
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