Skipping dental visit stressLife has many pressures — work, home, family, school, relationships, traffic, bills etc. The kids are graduating. There are sporting events and practices. Shopping for groceries. Project deadline was moved up. You may tell yourself that it’s not a good time to visit your dentist… but, in doing so, you may be sabotaging your oral health.

When you miss or delay dental treatment, existing problems may progressively worsen. Infections get bigger. Cavities get deeper.

Gum disease spreads from tooth to tooth throughout the mouth. Bone loss can occur. Teeth and dental implants can get bone loss. Dental implants can move due to bone loss. The good news is that all of the aforementioned problems can be avoided.

Make it a top priority, in 2012 and beyond, to invest in strengthening your health.

It will benefit you to follow your dentist’s recommendations. If your bone, gums or teeth feel different than usual, then it makes really good sense to make an appointment to see your dentist. Over the long haul, it’ll save you significant time and money.

All the best to your success!

Dr. Joe Kravitz
Prosthodontist, Author and Speaker
Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia