Crohn's Disease and Colitis for Dental Health and ImplantsCrohn’s Disease was first described in 1932 by Dr. Burrill B. Crohn, Dr. Leon Ginzburg and Dr. Gordon D. Oppenheimer. Crohn’s Disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract (also called GI tract). It can affect anywhere along the GI tract from the mouth to the esophagus, to the ileum, to the small intestine and large intestine to the anus.

According to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, Crohn’s Disease affects more than 700,000 Americans annually and effects males and females equally. Together with colitis, it affects more than 1 million Americans. Ulcerative Colitis is a chronic inflammatory condition that only affects the colon or large intestine.

Since the immune system attacks anywhere along the GI tract, the beginning is in the mouth. The mouth can develop painful lesions called cancer sores. They are also called apthous ulcers and can form on the gums, inside lips. These painful lesions inhibit people from eating properly and they can become malnourished which then allows Crohn’s Disease to propagate. Eating poorly affects the immune system and Crohn’s Disease worsens.

Cells in the intestine produce excessive cells and fluid that leads to diarrhea. Diarrhea leads to depleting the body’s water supply, dehydration and a dry mouth (or xerostomia). When a patient with Crohn’s Disease gets a dry mouth, cavities can ensue quickly and massively. It only takes 7 minutes for cavities to start after eating or drinking. It is important to learn the secrets of Dirty Mouth.

Crohn’s Disease patients with a dry mouth may develop as many as 80 cavities and involve every tooth in their mouth. If you have this disease you know what I mean. If you know someone such as a parent, child, brother, sister, spouse, neighbor, friend or colleague that has Crohn’s Disease and they are suffering in their mouth, our team can help.

If they have cavities, cracked teeth, painful teeth, infection teeth bones and gums, or missing teeth we can provide hope and help. We have developed a simple procedure called the 3 Minute Implant™. We can replace damaged, painful and missing teeth with dental implants and new ceramic teeth. This treatment with dental implants can dramatically improve the life of a person suffering from Crohn’s Disease. We can also show them how to properly keep their mouth healthy, even with Crohn’s Disease or colitis.

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Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS

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