Loose screw dental implantSometimes you may find that “you have a screw loose”…

A loose retaining screw for a dental implant abutment may yield a mechanical clicking sound. Your fingers can detect the metallic screw clicking inside the dental implant.

This is easily remedied. Visit with your dentist and request that he or she tighten the abutment screw. It’s really that easy :)

Don’t wait three months. Call the dentist immediately to fix the loose screw. Any delay in treatment may cause the thread of the dental implant abutment screw or the dental implants to distort and cause failure.

Remember that early detection helps to minimize more complicated dental treatments. Visit the dentist soon to keep your smile healthier!

For any questions about bone grafting for dental implants, feel free to ask!

All the best to your success,

Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Prosthodontist, Author and Speaker