Dental Implant Abutment Smile.A dental implant abutment is the prosthetic part that connects the dental implant to a crown, fixed bridge or removable denture.

The dental implant abutment is required to fasten your new tooth or teeth to the submerged dental implant.

The dental implant abutment comes either pre-made from the dental implant manufacturer or can also be custom made in a dental laboratory to fit your individual requirements.

Dental implant abutments are available in various materials:

1. Titanium metal (silver color)
2. Gold / palladium alloy metal (gold color)
3. Zirconium oxide ceramic (tooth or pink colored)
4. Aluminum oxide ceramic (tooth or pink colored)
5. Hybrid combination or metal and ceramics
6. Tooth colored ceramics (tooth colored)
7. Pink colored ceramics (gum tissues colored)

High quality dental implant abutments are custom shaped to mimic nature. The parabolic or curved shape follows your gum line. The shape of the dental implant abutment can also guide your existing gums that are flat due to a missing tooth, to regenerate to a curved shape. This can be accomplished without surgery. Because I document dental implant procedures with a digital camera, I have learned how to guide the gum tissues (gingiva) to re-grow where there was recession (gum shrinkage) present.

Be wary of lower fee dental implants and abutments, for inferior materials may be utilized to save money. Using incompatible materials such as non-precious metals may cause damage to your bone and dental implants.

Make the investment in higher quality materials for dental implant abutments to increase the probability of success. A successful smile can improve the quality of your life. Remember that if there ever is a clinical issue, immediately call the dentist to be seen. This dental visit can treat the minor issue before if becomes a bigger issue.

Here’s to your oral health and beautiful smile…

For any questions regarding dental implant abutments, feel free to ask!

Be well,

Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Prosthodontist, Author and Speaker