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Dr Joe Kravitz with Marco Sies

What to Expect

• Follow Dr. Kravitz’s directions.
• Feel free to enjoy and eat balanced meals.
• Use arnica cream or tablets as directed.
• Sleep with head on a pillow.
• Swelling is minimal.
• There is no use of the scalpel.
• No bleeding.
• No stitches.
• No secondary surgery.
• Leave the office with a custom crafted natural resin teeth.
• Smile more.
• Feel more certain about your smile.
• Can work or play the next day.
• Can eat meals and drink fluids.
• Compared to conventional implant surgeries, the healing time is reduced.
• Decreased chance of complications.
• Healthy bone grows.
• Healthy gum tissues grow.
• Less discomfort and soreness.
• Minor discomfort managed with medications when needed.
• The only way to have no pain at all, is to not having anything done.
• 3 Minute Implant™ is the least invasive method other than doing nothing.
• If there is a complication, Dr. Kravitz will help resolve the issue.

What NOT to Do

• Rigorous exercise for 3 days.
• Smoking.
• Rinsing vigorously.

3 Minute Implant is the way towards improving your lifestyle, improving your communication, and improving your smile. Read through our FAQs first and then send us a quick note if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thanks for your interest :)

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Nancy Jameson 3 Minute Implant Success StoryThe 3 Minute Implant is truly amazing. There’s a little pressure…and voila! I’ve been petrified of seeing dentists since I was young. In fact, I’ve passed out in the dentist’s chair a number of times before meeting Dr. Kravitz. Dr. K and his staff are sensitive and understanding, and they naturally soothed my fears. They explained the procedure and why it wouldn’t hurt–and it didn’t!

A visit to Dr. K’s office is now more like a spa visit than a dental visit! It’s actually a pleasure.

– Nancy Jameson, Architect


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