Dental Study and Link to Brain Disease.In the peer-reviewed scientific journal (Neurology), nine research scientists (Nations et al) reported on neurologic problems with four patients.

The researchers claimed that the only recognizable variable was the fact that the patient was using denture adhesive (denture cream) that contained zinc.

Their conclusion was as follows: “Denture cream contains zinc, and chronic excessive use may result in hypocupremia and serious neurologic disease.”

Hypocupremia is a copper deficiency. Having a copper deficiency is rare and has been attributed to being tired, fatigued, light-headed and having difficulty walking.

Increased consumption of zinc is one cause of copper deficiency. Zinc is in denture adhesive, coins, medications, and vitamins supplements. This study focused on the zinc levels in denture adhesives of two brands.

While this pilot study may have some merit, there are obvious flaws:

1. The study involved a group size of 4. Hardly statistically significant. It is more like a case report than a study. I would suggest a larger sample size, like 1000 people, followed over 7 years.

2. How did the material and methods rule out other contributory variables? What if their diet, medications, surgical history increased the zinc levels?

3. More study needs to occur to investigate more people over more time. Also, the contributory variables, need to be ruled out to determine the results through logic.

4. Not all denture adhesive contains zinc. Various patients use denture adhesive different amounts and frequencies.

5. There may also be a subacute presence of Celiac Disease as noted by Marco Spinazzi at the University of Padova Mario Armani.

Denture adhesives may contribute to feeling tired, dizzy, and losing your balance. More study needs to occur, to be logical about these findings. However, if you are concerned about the systemic affects of denture adhesives, then you may want to consider replacing the denture adhesive with dental implants. There is no zinc in dental implants, and it is significantly cleaner.

The bottom line is that denture adhesives contain zinc, but not all do.