Researching Dental Implants. A Decision to Make.

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You may be researching the procedure of a dental implant placement. You may be weighing your options of leaving a missing tooth, a fixed bridge, a removable denture or dental implants.

You may investigating these options for a friend, a parent, a son or daughter, a spouse or for yourself!

Of ALL the treatment options…dental implants are the most successful option to consider replacing a missing tooth. The literature suggests that success rates for dental implants can range from:

93% to 99%

The difference in dental implant success rates may depend on several variables:

1. Surgical technique. Some dental implant surgical techniques may improve the clinical outcome of dental implants.

2. Patient compliance. Some patients follow directions, and some don’t. The patients that do not follow their dentist’s recommendations increase the likelihood of dental implant failure. This is the number one reason for dental implant failure.

3. Patient follow-up. The dentist who placed your dental implants will suggest that you routinely follow-up with him or her. Patients that return to evaluate the health of their dental implants can easily fix minor issues. In most instances, minor issues can be easily resolved without failure of the dental implant. Patient neglect is the number two reason for failure of dental implants.

4. Unknown systemic disease. Even with all the best intentions from both the patient and dentist, a dental implant can fail. The key is to determine the cause of dental implant failure and remedy the situation quickly. This may involve antibiotics, a thorough and gentle dental implant cleaning, or irrigation with a mouth rinse. Note that taking bisphosphonate drugs may increase the likelihood of dental implant failure.

Over my career, I’ve witnessed how dental implants can help dramatically improve quality of life. Dinah’s story is a great example. I wish you the very best in dental implant health :)

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