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Steps of Getting Dental Implants



Dr Joe Kravitz dental implants procedure

Coming to See Us

• Eat well before arriving to the office.
• Allows for proper nutrition and faster healing.
• Arrive 30 minutes early to relax from the commute.


• Your dental records and initial exam with Dr. Kravitz provide a solid foundation of medical data.
• Dr. Kravitz does extensive preparation before performing it in your mouth.
• Interim natural resin teeth are made prior to the implant surgery to mimic nature and improve your smile.


• Custom made topical gel is applied to the surgical area.
• Local anesthesia is provided to block any pain of discomfort
• The implant is inserted into your mouth.
• No sharp scalpel blades, no stitches.

View of the surgical area?

See right here→ .

Really. The surgical area of 3 Minute Implant is about the size of a period. That’s it!

Leaving the Office

• You leave the office with a custom-crafted resin tooth (or teeth).
• Beautiful and natural-looking.
• By way of example, see the Before & After shots of Mr. Fernando Martinez.
• Follow Dr. Kravitz’ Recovery Tips.

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Dr Chowdhury. Patient of Dr Joe Kravitz DDS MSMy dental and gum problems partly relate to injury I sustained in 1989 from a multi-vehicle road accident where I was a passenger in a car. I had multiple injuries, including damage to upper jaw (maxilla), partial loss of upper jawbone, and loss of multiple teeth. I first saw Dr. Kravitz in 2006 when I required complete redo of the dental restorative process that was done for over 2 years after the car accident. I identified Dr. Kravitz after extensive search, and after visiting multiple dental surgeons around the greater Washington area. I have been very pleased with him and have stayed with him since then as one of his regular patients. In 2006, Dr. Kravitz did an extensive restorative process in my upper jaw that included removal of previous dental bridges, tooth extractions, bone grafts, multiple dental implants, and various other related procedures. Subsequently, I had other procedures as necessary, including more bone grafts and implants. For related bone and gum disease, I also went through sound wave treatment. Dr. Kravitz did an excellent work on my dental and gum problems that has allowed me to have good oral health and hygiene, complete set of functional and cosmetically excellent teeth, and good quality of life. Dr. Kravitz specializes in minimally invasive procedures that involve minimal pain and discomfort, and return to work and normalcy quickly. I have gone through these procedures and have found him an expert in his field. Dr. Kravitz is always available, responsive, and highly professional. I find Dr. Kravitz mild mannered, knowledgeable, technically sound, and also very attentive to the needs of his patients.

– Badrul A. Chowdhury, MD, PhD
Physician and Research Scientist


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