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Born without front teeth.

Greg was referred by his orthodontist, to fill in the gaps on two of Greg’s front teeth. Greg’s mom, Claire, came to the appointment with him. Greg was born without two front teeth – also called anodontia (a fancy Latin word for no teeth).

Greg was wearing a “flipper”, which is a slang word for a removable partial denture, to replace his missing teeth. Greg did not, in the slightest bit, enjoy wearing this device. He wanted something that felt more natural. Claire did not like that her son was suffering, so she was at this appointment to help.

Greg was a 22-year old college student who played a lot of sports including lacrosse, football and soccer. Greg was on the go and he needed teeth that were secure, natural looking and better fitting. Greg was losing certainty and confidence in his smile. He honestly did not look happy.

Greg and Claire consulted with me about the options:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Make a fixed bridge by cutting the teeth on either side of the gap
  3. Make a better fitting partial denture
  4. Insert dental implants

Option 1 was not that appealing for Greg because he was already suffering with a poor fitting denture.

Option 2 was also not appealing, cutting down healthy natural teeth. The teeth would be connected and flossing would be difficult. Greg could live with this option, if there were no other alternatives.

Option 3 was possible if budget was a determining factor. Greg and Claire have been saving their money for a deposit and would be able to finance the remaining balance with a credit company. Since they had the means for Option 4….

Option 4 turned out to be the best option for Greg. The dental implant could be surgically placed without needing to drill on the other teeth nearby. The tooth could be inserted the same day as the dental implants. Greg would not need to wear a denture anymore. Greg was ready for the 3 Minute Implant™.

Greg successfully is wearing custom made zirconium teeth supported by abutments and the 3 Minute Implant™. His confidence is back.

Greg is smiling again and so is his mom :) It is sincerely an honor and privilege to help suffering people by improving their smiles!!! This job is very rewarding to see someone’s quality of life change for the better.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you or your loved one needs help replacing missing teeth. You can rest assured that there are always options.