Dental Implants Patient Success Story. DinahI recently helped a patient who is a working mom with a teenage son. Her name is Dinah.

Dinah had over 28 cavities. Dinah was suffering with painful teeth, broken teeth and missing teeth. She could not drink hot coffee or tea. She also could not drink cold orange juice or milk.

The acid destruction took a serious toll on Dinah’s mouth. Dinah has a common story when it comes to patients I see. “Dr. Kravitz, I have been helping my family for the last 15 years” said Dinah. “I have helped raise the kids, helped my husband with the household, help my coworkers at work,” Dinah continued with both a smile and strain in her forehead muscles. Dinah began to raise the pitch in her voice, and stated with confidence:

It’s time for me… to take care of me!

Truth is, Dinah is not alone. There are many women that care for the rest of their families, like a shepherd, as it were. Parents, children, brothers, sisters – Dinah helped them all! Dinah neglected the health of her mouth for over 15 years.

Dinah shared that she wanted to do whatever it took to fix her cavities, re-grow her gums and bone from gum disease, and replace her missing teeth with dental implants. Dinah related that she did NOT want to wear dentures. At that point, the cavities were so large and on every tooth, that it was in Dinah’s best interest for her general health, to remove all of her infected teeth. The infections were spreading to her pancreas, lungs and heart.

Dinah then proceeded to have all of her teeth removed.

A fearful and anxious time for Dinah, but she persevered. The same day, Dinah had 20 dental implants placed with the 3 Minute Implant™ technique. No scalpels, no stitches, no bleeding. And, Dinah left with a full set of beautiful teeth!

The dental implants were immediately loaded with custom-crafted teeth. Her gums grew. Her bone grew. Her confidence grew. Her smile grew. Her life improved.

The very next day, Dinah stated “All my pain is gone Dr. Kravitz!” Dinah continued, “Dr. K, I can chew solid food again” and “I am shocked that this was all done in one day.” Then, Dinah shouted out with tears of joy:

“I went from desperation to inspiration. Dr. Kravitz, you saved my life!”

That is why I absolutely love what I do for patients. Every patient is different, and it is truly rewarding to help people, like Dinah, to vastly improve quality of life.

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