dental implants rockville, gaithersburg, bethesda, chevy chase maryland12 hours. That’s it for most people.

On the average, most people state that it only takes less than 12 hours with the 3 Minute Implant™. Over 95% of patients report that they feel fine by the next morning.

Most people can work, teach, attend school and resume regular activities within 1 day.

Eating and drinking is immediate.

The 3 Minute Implant™ is a minimally invasive process that allows you to have a tooth removed, replaced with a dental implant and a new tooth – all in the one appointment with the same dentist.

If you follow Dr. Kravitz’ instruction, 95% of patients have no discomfort. You feel a little pressure and that’s it. 4% of patients may need a pill to prevent discomfort.

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Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
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