Rockville Maryland MD Dental Implants by Dr. Joe KravitzCeramic teeth such as abutments, crowns and fixed bridges can be made from various materials such as metal alloys metal, metal and ceramic combination, and pure ceramics.

Ceramics can be made from one color or various colors based on the method of fabrication.We prefer the multicolored and layered methods of making custom ceramic teeth, for they most resemble nature. Natural teeth have several layers that make it appear life-like too.

Ceramic teeth are baked in the laboratory oven, at high temperatures. Once they are cooled down, the color is permanent. The color of the ceramic abutments, crowns, and fixed bridges around dental implants cannot be stained. The color cannot change unless you re-fire the ceramics in the oven again.

So when having new teeth made with a prosthodontist or dentist, you can feel confident that once the final color is reached and it matches your other teeth, color will remain stable for years to come. The simple, key takeaway message is that ceramic teeth do not change color once used in your mouth.

Hope this quick insight on ceramic teeth further adds to your knowledge base and understanding of dental work.

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Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
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