Last week, I received an email from a patient I treated back in 1995 while in my Advanced Specialty Training Program in Prosthodontics. I’ll call him Roger.

Roger asked if I was the same “regular Joe”? I asked Roger how he was doing. He said well and that his teeth and dental implants I made in 1995, were still holding strong. Roger related that his wife, Kendra was suffering with dentures that don’t fit well. Roger made an appointment for his loving wife 2 days later.

We had a lovely visit together. See, Roger is a comedian and he plays the steel guitar. But Roger’s wife, Kendra was suffering. Kendra had the same lower denture for 47 years. 47 YEARS, Wow! She, understandably, wanted to use it for a doorstop!

Choose 3 Minute Implant™, Not DenturesKendra had another denture from 10 years ago, but it never fit. Kendra only wore the 10-year old denture for 2 days. The new denture got tossed into the drawer. Occasionally, she would try to file the denture with her nail file (not recommended). However, Kendra could never get the denture to stay in place. It kind of just floated…

Kendra learned to uncomfortably adapt to wearing teeth that didn’t fit. Kendra took her teeth home and never really felt whole. Kendra lost hope. Friends, Kendra is not alone.

Roger had seen me on TV and reached out to reconnect. We maintained a good relationship over the years and he was pleased with his dental care from years back. Kendra’s birthday was fast approaching and he wanted to treat her to better fitting teeth.

So, Kendra came in for a visit and we did a comprehensive examination. We found that she had sufficient bone for dental implants. Kendra’s treatment plan included 3 dental implants to firmly hold the lower denture. We presented various options and the 3 dental implant option for the lower denture seemed to make the most sense.

2 days later, I installed three dental implants with the 3 Minute Implant™ technique. Kendra was nervous at first. But upon realizing that she was safe and comfortable, her fears subsided.

Soon after the denture was fixed firmly to the new dental implants. I could move Kendra’s entire head by her lower teeth. Kendra was shocked…and thoroughly pleased!

I also relined the upper denture and was able to get the denture to hold with great suction. There was no need to use dental implants or denture adhesive to retain the upper teeth. Roger was grateful and appreciative for the help we provided Kendra.

Roger and Kendra left the office happy and satisfied. The 3 Minute Implant™ improved both of their lives. Our team gains great pleasure in helping people like Roger and Kendra.