Temperature Sensitive Teeth.

What is temperature sensitivity?

When your teeth detect changes in temperature, both cold and/or hot; it’s the discomfort you feel when you eat, drink and breathe. It can either be cold or hot sensitive.


There are many causes of temperature sensitivity which may include:
Bite pressures, Cavities, Gum disease, Cracks, Stress, Acid destruction, Food, drink, air, pool water, Old fillings leaking (microleakage), Other dental work leaking, Shrinking gums (recession), Sonic toothbrushes, Alcohol containing mouth washes, Toxic chemicals such as peroxide, bleaches, or Inflammation of the neurovascular bundle inside the tooth.

What can be done to treat temperature sensitivity?

1. Implement the home care instructions written by Dr. Kravitz in Dirty Mouth.
2. Receive detailed cleanings with a registered dental hygienist.
3. A proper diagnosis is key to determine the underlying cause.
4. Take appropriate actions to prevent the cause.
5. Follow through and treat as required.

Be well,

Dr. Joe Kravitz, DDS, MS
Prosthodontist, Author & Speaker